Creating Business Eco Systems

Bringing synergy to business and the biosphere. A talisman for trade with the potential to change the course of the world. Let us help you engage the Biospherically Correct philosophy into your business structure. Help forge the way in creating global, eco- social intergenerational equity.

“Let us as human beings flow within the planet’s phenomenally powerful natural systems to harmoniously co-create a continual abundance of the everyday things we require.”   Biospherically Correct

Become engaged today and start the build of your Biospherically Correct Service Management Chain (BCSMC).


True ecological and social sustainability

Biospherically Correct is a complete eco-social, cradle to cradle philosophy designed to provide the evolving methodology to create everyday goods and services in harmony with our Biosphere.                            Creating:    Partner with us                  Register as BC Producer


Share and expand

This resource site shares information about Biospherically Correct for the benefit of companies, institutions and people in general, helping us reconnect with nature through the very products and services that we use everyday.            Shopping:  Select Biospherically Correct


In our modern world we all rely on goods and services

After all, there’s very little we can do in the world today without engaging a product or a service. Imagine if we got all of the various social and environmental elements right concerning everything we use and consume – wouldn’t the world be a better place?


A new global perception

Biospherically Correct represents a new global perception redefining our relationship with the everyday items we rely on. Instead of thinking of products in isolation, start thinking of services in sync with all of life – our Biosphere.

“There is no longer such a thing as a product, only an item that exists within the context of a service within the biosphere.”    Biospherically Correct


Biospherically Correct demonstrated

See the tangible expression of Biospherically Correct (BC) already in action at Vision Products. Vision Products practically demonstrates the Biospherically Correct principles by detailing a complete BC breakdown under each product page of it’s website.

So why can’t all product and services be created in this way?


Help shift perception for a better world!

The Biospherically Correct principles represent the potential to change the course of the world. This is possible through an evolving expectation from people like you and me who wish to consciously enjoy nature’s resources while also providing ‘Increase’ to others, and through producers that strive to create these goods within the context of a Biospherically Correct service.


Get Involved

Help co- create a better world through the every products and services you interact with:

- Shop and select goods or services created and supplied in a Biospherically Correct manner.

- Apply to register with us as a Biospherically Correct producer.

- Contribute complimentary knowledge, technical information, research or expertise relevant to expand the resources of this Biospherically Correct website.

 Please email:  info@biosphericallycorrect.org

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About us

Both Biospherically Correct and Vision Products are Vision for Humanity Charitable Trust  (VFH) initiatives - resulting from its Vision for Business.

VFH is furthering the development of Biospherically Correct by guiding the application of the BC principles into commercial application concerning all of humanity’s needs or services. We are doing this by focusing on the fundamental- universally applicable “100 Questions” designed to evolve products and services to an authentic generation 3 Biospherically Correct level.

Join our team: volunteer positions exist within the fields of copy-writing, graphics, editing and web-design for people who feel passionate about Biospherically Correct. Email kim@vfh.co.nz


We acknowledge that the inspiration for the concept of Biospherically Correct was born from a variety of influences and fields. By “standing on the shoulders of others” we hope to co-create, through Biospherically Correct, the resources necessary for a better global future.