Why is Biospherically Correct important in our world ?


The implications of Biospherically Correct principles, engaged on a global scale, are significant and transformative. A widespread adoption of the Biospherically Correct philosophy has the potential to cause an evolutionary quickening within the world of commerce – for the benefit of everyone.

Our ultimate future proofing

Established Biospherically Correct -generation 3 services would cement positive long term outcomes:

Micro -what it means to your business or service: stable financial returns / sustainable business expansion / social capital (social trust) / customer loyalty / work force engagement and unity / enhanced work environment of purpose and vision

Macro-what it means globally: social justice / ecological sustainability / intergenerational equity /fundamental health and well-being / enhanced international relations / contribution to an improving ‘Global Elevation Indicator.’

7 billion people on our planet

Ubiquitous up- take of the Biospherically Correct directive would translate into humanity achieving the maximum efficiency from the production capacity of the planet via socially and ecologically harmonious methods. With a global population of 7 billion (5/10/2011) there is no other business/economic mandate that should command presidence today.

What Biospherically  Correct could mean in its purest form

Biospherically Correct, evolved to its purest form, has the potential to counter global warming, dissolve pollution build up, increase global biomass, secure natural resources and biodiversity, provide more natural aesthetic beauty through nature, preserve cultural identity and knowledge of peoples, create social cohesion, enhance geopolitical relations, create more wide spread global prosperity and enhance global health.

Biospherically Correct services have the potential to catalyse a new perception regarding our relationship with everyday products. This represents the potential to change the course of the world by providing better lives for all.

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