Biospherically Correct in business practice

Ultimately, the success of Biospherically Correct lies in its potential to extend into global business practice. Apply here to co-create with us, converting the full Biospherically Correct ethos into tangible expression and everyday working practise.

Partner with us

Be recognised as an enterprise having successfully integrated all 5 of the Biospherically Correct criteria into business practise, to the Biospherically Correct rating of generation 1 or 2 status.

Help create 3rd generation Biospherically Correct services

Partner with us as we refine and execute the  ‘100 Questions‘ so that business practise globally can be eventually guided and distinguished as creating 3rd generation Biospherically Correct services.

Example of Biospherically Correct in action

Vision for Humanity is showcasing Biospherically Correct, its ‘Vision for Business’ initiative,  through Vision Products.

Vision Products is a separate non-profit organisation designed to touch the lives of millions of people through its powerful vision carried on a range of Biospherically Correct everyday services. By demonstrating the principles of Biospherically Correct through Vision Products we hope to inspire the up take of the BC initiative by other companies and organisations.

 Join us!

Join us and engage in partnerships with other like minded business’ who also value the Biospherically Correct principles, desire to incorporate them into their business practice and change the course of the world.