Vision Products


The working principles of  Biospherically Correct can be clearly viewed on the Vision Products website  www.visionproducts.co.nz. Here each product category is broken down under the five Biosphercially Correct criteria arenas. Please click on the Biosphercially Correct icons underneath the product description. These five icons are to the RHS of the blue Biosphercially Correct button. Here you will find a thorough social and ecological appraisal of each product concerned. The services available here have been made from the onset with the principles of Biospherically Correct. Effectively we are endeavouring to educate as we sell through the concept of Biosphercially Correct.

Every Vision Product has a story

That illustrates the cradle to cradle life, concerning people & environment, of the item for sale, for example, here is the story of our coconut oil:

“We buy our coconut oil from a model farm in Labasa Fiji, the people of Labasa are leaving the land to go to Suva to attempt to gain a city job – as they are losing touch with the land. This farm connects people with the land; It teaches local people how to grow organically and sustainably, they also teach arts and crafts as another way to provide further skills. From coconuts wild harvested on the island, they make cold pressed 100% pure coconut oil. We buy this oil from them to support what they are doing, we package this oil up in a PLA bottle which has originated from corn not fossil fuels (not plastic), we apply compostable labels and wrap tags made from recycled paper and soy inks, and we provide a recycle /refill system to save people money and help the planet out in dealing with used containers. The people that then buy this oil get to cook with the healthiest oil on the planet -full of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, the healthiest oil you can obtain from Mother Nature to cook with and which is also excellent in maintaining hair and skin health and vitality. The profits made from sales goes to a charitable trust called Vision for Humanity which is all about raising awareness on social and global issues and creating better pathways forward.”

The spirit of Vision Products

“buy Biosphercially Correct and support charity”

Vision Products is uniquely demonstrating the Biospherically Correct criteria of “Postive Functionality” by placing the words of its vision on all garments and labels: love, forgiveness,compassion, tolerance and integrity. The idea being to strengthen social cohesion, draw attention to it’s charitable endeavours and as in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research positively enhance the product that the words reside on.

“To inspire good things these evocative messages have the power to enhance our sense of well-being helping transform our daily lives. We see this as a way in which to help make our world a more wonderful place and to touch the lives of million of people in a positive way.”


Vision Products is the trading name for Vision for Humanity Products Charitable Trust (VFHP), registered with the Charities Commission (#CC27922). Vision Products generates funds and awareness to support its sister charity Vision For Humanity Charitable Trust, VFH (#CC27918) in its endeavours to help empower people to co- create ‘a successful planet’ with more peace, prosperity and joy in the world. Vision for Humanity acts in providing: information to raise awareness on important social and global issues, inspiration through its Visions, and Initiatives to put its Visions into constructive practice.