Biosphercially Correct

Biospherically Correct is the ethos of serving planet and people through everything we touch, bringing a synergy to our modern lives and the biosphere.

The biosphere provides the epitome of biological organisation, allowing us the knowledge to develop a ‘Biospherically Correct’ culture within the framework of our societies: collective cooperation and organisation enabling a fluid exchange of all that exists.

Being Biospherically Correct is the endeavour to adopt the refined practices of nature.  It is understanding the systems within nature and then developing societal / commercial systems to interlock and operate within these earth systems.

A philosophy of creating “living systems that nest with other living systems, networks within networks, without boundaries of separation but boundaries of identity”.  All of humanity communicating with one another and sharing resources across their boundaries creating global, eco- social intergenerational equity.

Allowing us as human beings to flow within the planet’s phenomenally powerful natural systems to harmoniously co-create a continual abundance of the everyday things we require.