Transcending a mind set of ‘products’

The best way to embrace Biospherically Correct is to adopt a new ethos concerning products and services. This ethos would state that there is no such thing any longer as a ‘product’ but only what can be created within the context of a Biospherically Correct service.

Our perception has been that a product exists by itself, in isolation without relation too much else, except for what it is going to ultimately used for. Our biosphere does not create species, minerals, oxygen etc in isolation, but only within context of everything else it creates. The basic mistake since the commencement of mass production, is that humanity has produced products & services in isolation, outside the realms of an integral service.

The majority of products and services available today are sold without any concept of ‘service’ i.e. no true in-depth understanding of how our Biosphere operates.

Vital questions need to be asked such as: what consideration has been given to the longevity of the resource pool, what positive purpose is served by the product’s existence and what are the end of life responsibilities? In general once a product is sold there is no longer any onus on its producer, responsibilities are transferred to the purchaser, who is ill advised or equipped to deal with the responsibility of reintegration or end of life cycle duties. Whereas; provision for deconstruction, recycling, composting, biodegrading, (general reintegration) helps enable a product to become a ‘service’ and apart of our working Biosphere.