This incredibly evolved Biosystem (life system or system of life) provides numerous fundamental global services vital to the way of life that we know and enjoy.

The number one natural service essential to perpetuating and ensuring life is that of life itself; biodiversity. From the immense presence of varying life forms, comes the ultimate security for the entire planet. The tightly woven inter-activities of the planet’s species and their habitats, has naturally created a dense armour of mass cooperation, enabling life to spring back quickly after any serious imbalance or disaster. It is this that we are ultimately dependant upon as human beings. Encased within this natural presence of vast biodiversity are all the other vital subsequential services:

Primary production (photosynthesis) of the food webs, Oxygen production, Pollination, Biological control of pests and diseases, Water supply, regulation and purification, Pollutant absorption and waste recycling, Nutrient cycling, generation and maintenance of soils, Raw materials production (lumber, fodder, biomass, fuel), Climate maintenance and atmospheric quality and regulation.

The services of the biosphere are irreplaceable by our standards and are literally priceless. Any serious damage to these vital life-giving services would set humanity back hundreds or maybe even thousands of years.